Cour des Miracles, C-prints, cardboard embossed, framed, 52 × 37 cm, 2006-

This work is about places which, in a certain period of time, have become laden with meaning by outside influences - be it important or unimportant, true or the just handed down. Everyday photographs devoid of emotion represent these places, which acquire their meanings only through the accompanying texts. Cour des Miracles tackles the changes in the interpretation of pictures which is brought about by shifts in space and information. The observer can grasp meaning only by actively interpreting the space between text and picture.

Exhibited in False Bottom, Herrmann Germann Contemporary, Zürich, Switzerland, 2012 and All the things between, Inter Art Center, Beijing, China, 2008 and Revealing common territories, Palacio Consistorial, Cartagena, Spain, 2008