All bridges from Castletownbere to Dublin (Work in progress), woodcut (book printing ink on newsprint), 63x800cm, 2010

The American artist Ed Ruscha took photos of several gasoline stations along Route 66 from Oklahoma to Los Angeles and subsumed the myth of a highway into banal pictures. Sebastian Utzni collects All bridges from Castletownbere to Dublin - his documentation is not photographic and fast, he rather uses the slow-and-low old-fashioned technique of woodcuts. The prints in photo format, shaped by the black and white contrast appear nearly popular. Accordingly unhurried, we imagine the artist‘s movement - a movement that also can be found in the pictures. The prints are aligned and labelled in different directions. The walks Utzni did in Ireland, while he carried out his conceptual diary, are a meandering trace in the picture.

Extract from the press release of Werk- und Atelierstipendien Zürich, 2010, © Brita Polzer, Zürich