A is for Allah, ink, exercise book, 22x35cm, 2010

The texts are from an Afghan schoolbook series, which was financed by the United States. The Education Program for Afghanistan of the University of Nebraska in Omaha published the books since the beginning of the 1980s with a 50 million dollar grant from United States Agency for
International Development during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. For the mujahidin, who were fighting against the Sowiets, the schoolbooks were a medium to spread political propaganda and to prepare a new generation of holy warriors with the ideas of a militant islamism for the fight against the enemies of islam. In 1992 there was a revision of the series, militant pictures and texts were removed. Anyway, even today a lot of the original copies of the books are used in the areas influenced by the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Exhibited in Growing up is giving up, Rosa Brux, Brussels, Belgium, 2015 and Sihlhallenstrasse Neunzehn, Zürich, 2010